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I work at a nursing home now so this is way more true than before… #mermaids #oldladies #iknowyoursecret
@olysteil I know it’s not diet but I’ll still share with you if you want!!!



Man I feel really bad for the Tumblr Staff because I bet they aimed for Tumblr to be a cool, suavé, photographic place for artists but in reality it’s made up of hormonal teenagers who obsess over gay fictional characters, and can’t even handle the reblog button turning green to teal


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I got high today. For the first time in my life ever.

There is a whole world out there waiting to be lived on and used and appreciated for its beauty and I just can’t wait until I can do all these things because nothing makes me more happy than going on an adventure and seeing untold beauties and just sitting and taking them in for what they really are. A life that lives without us, a life that is so natural and pure. A life that deserves more than we as humans give it.
It took a little editing buuut… #shareacoke #ashlee #iwishmynamewasonstuff #coke  (at i dont even drink coke… )
Grandma at the parade. She slept thorough it but loved the little bit she was there
I looked good today.
I kinda love this kid like he’s my little brother. wait…. He is. #nofilterforrealthatsthesun #sunshinefilter
Hard to believe I tried to sell her only two years ago… I sometimes feel this is a daily question I ask…
I love that my hair is just long enough to braid.. 💜💚💙
#munisingfalls so beautiful. The Mosquitos… Not so much.